Thursday, January 7, 2021

Constructing Landscape @ Caloundra Regional

Currently on show at the Caloundra Regional Gallery ( Sunshine Coast - Australia ) is a super exhibition - Constructing Landscape : urban visions. Runs through January to 07 February 2021.

... " an exhibition re-imagining the landscape of our now - capturing the streets, the constructs and built environments where most reside, and our relationship with same. A collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures from around the country, the works investigate both the celebratory and condemning aspects of urban sprawl " ...

Emmanuel Moore

Emmanuel Moore

Blair McNamara

Susan Schmidt

Thom Stuart

Selected artists were commissioned to create a story 
on the theme of Constructing Landscape 
using traffic cones supplied by the gallery.

Kym Tabulo

Raquel Ormella

This exhibition brings together muralists and street artists, and those artists 
who respond to urban sprawl and the loss of natural environments. 
Look up, look down, around and behind to discover. 
Thanks to Jo Duke and the Caloundra Regional Gallery Team.

Alison Mooney

Pamela See

Lukas Kasper


Parodox Planet ( Fleur Muffatti )

David Houghton

Alison Mooney

AJ Taylor

AJ Taylor

Pat Hoffie

Matthew de Moiser

Denise Lamby

Anne Harris

Emmanuel Moore
Nicole Voevodin-Cash

Mark Alequin


Laurie Oxenford

Fuzeillear ( Claire Matthews )

Jake Moss

Keiron Wilson

Dorothy Haig

Aaron Craig

Scott Redford ( three on right )
Guila Cattaneo

Ken Munsie

Blair McNamara

Blair McNamara
Catherine Parker

Matthew de Moiser


Check with the gallery regarding opening hours and Covid-19 restrictions.

Enjoy your new freedom
keep your distance
and stay safe ...

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Wild/Flower Women @ Gympie Regional

Next on my gallery tour is a visit to the grand exhibition, Wild/flower Women III: Women Walking Country - this show was at the Gympie Regional Gallery last month ( November ) - I didn't get to see it until the second last day and so wasn't able to promote it earlier - but here is a "retrospective" of the exhibition for those who didn't get there ...

Perched high on the hill in Nash Street and over-looking the township is the beautiful and original old School of Arts building - built in 1905 - now home to the Gympie Regional Art Gallery ...  a community-oriented gallery, celebrating its own professional and amateur artists, as well as displaying a range of high quality exhibitions from around Australia.


The exhibition celebrates the work of Kathleen McArthur, who was an artist and conservationist who specialised in painting Queensland wildflowers. She is also well-known for being one of the founding members of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland along with her friend, poet Judith Wright.

Together they began the campaign to establish Cooloola National Park, working with conservationist Arthur Harrold, the Cooloola Committee, the Noosa Parks Association, and many other allies.

To profile the living legacy of women, art and Queensland wildflowers, contemporary artists from Gympie, Noosa and Sunshine Coast created new work ranging from paintings, prints, works on paper, and jewellery to textile works using natural dyes, recycled textiles, and wall vinyl.


Zela Bissett - Garment Stories - felted textile wraps

Barb Hart - Grasstree Spikes, 2020 - waste material sculptures

Kathleen McArthur - Cooloola Wildflowers -  
watercolour on paper
Ulrike Sturm - Hovea clavata -   
vinyl wallwork  

Meaghan Shelton - Floral revelrie -  
various media

Judy Barrass - Floral Teasets -  
reflex copy paper & laser print

Judy Barrass - Paper Dolls - laser print on paper

Barb Hart - Spots for Iris - mixed media book

Zela Bissett - various Wild/Flower Women -   
water & ink on handmade paper

" ... This exhibition draws inspiration from the heritage of women who have walked Cooloola country from Traditional Owners as well as ‘wild/flower women’ Kathleen McArthur and Judith Wright, including their campaigning to establish Cooloola National Park. The exhibition profiles contemporary female artists from Gympie, Noosa and the Sunshine Coast  who re-energise heritage and history with their own responses to our wildflowers, natural heritage and walking together on country. Wild/flower Women III creates a sense of the different perspectives, scales and scope of the wallum and Cooloola ecologies, the relationships between humans and the more than human world, and ways of seeing inspired by art and nature ... "

Maree Prior - The Interface -  
charcoal on paper

Sandra Ross - Wallum Wildflowers - mixed media on paper

Anne Harris - Re-Membering / all that I am - 
mixed media installation

Anne Harris - We Are All That We Are - natural plant dye on silk

Nicole Harper - Boundaries, watersheds. Landmarks - 
mixed media on wood panels

Nai Nai Bird - Butchulla Bush Food - acrylics on paper

Melissa Stannard - come go walk and care for country
 mixed media - vintage pianola roll with Yuwaalaaray verse

Joolie Gibbs - Impermanence - 
hand-made inks on Arches paper

Love this gallery and really looking forward to my solo show here early 2021 ...

The Wild/flower Women III exhibition was supported by Cooloola Coastcare and the Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Gympie Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.