Thursday, August 22, 2013

4. Metal, bone and timber at the Met

Wandering through the hundreds of galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York no artform has been left "unrepresented" ... and no culture or period in time forgotten ... here are just a few samples of metal, bone and timber ...

  Japanese Helmet from the 15th Century 

 Shirt of mail and Gold Plate from India - 17th Century - 11 kgs.

 Suit of Armour belonging to the Earl of Pembroke - 16th century - weighs 27kgs.
there are rooms full of the most exquisite bone and ivory carvings from all parts of the globe ... 
 Bone Tower Reliquary with Eight Apostles - Cologne - 13C 

 Ivory Chess Figure of the King - Italy - 12C

 Ivory Mirror Case - France - 14C

Ivory Icon of Saint Demetrios - Byzantine - 10C

and artworks and furnishings carved / constructed from timber ...

 Back panel of Choir Stall from the Church of the Carthusian Monastery in Mainz - 18th Century

Descent from the Cross - painted limewood - Brussels - 15th Century

Ceiling Grill - Frank Lloyd Wright - 1908

Art Deco cabinet - USA

Unknown Saint - from the Cathedral of Valladoid - Spain - 18th Century
I hope you enjoyed walking with me through the Met - more tomorrow ...