Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31. A Farewell to New York City

After eight weeks in this wonderful crazy city, I have to reluctantly say good-bye and head off across the Atlantic to another exciting destination on my world odyssey.

Here are just a few images not published on my previous blogs.
The Empire State Building at night from my kitchen window across the river in Jersey City
Liberty standing tall in NY Harbour
Those ancient lips from the Egyptian collection at the Met Museum of Art 
The cheeky squirrels in all the parks - and in my back garden
Stonewall Inn - Christopher Street - where it all began back in the Gay 60's
The best coffee in NYC at Eataly - 200 5th Avenue
Real furs going real cheap at Chelsea Flea Market
Marvel at the marble at the Met
Tomatoes of every shape and size at Brooklyn Sunday Produce Markets
Hundreds of stalls at the huge Williamsburg Food Festival
My favourite piece of Porcelain at the Met
The Yonkers Military Band marching in the Indian Independence Day Parade 
The foyer at the Met
The old skyline
Parks and walkways that line the foreshore
Green and clean city streets
NYPD patrol cars !!!!
The calm coolness that is Central Park ...
... and the chaos on an average day that is Times Square
The haze over the city
and that skyline ever reaching upwards
The wells of grief at the World Trade Centre Memorial
Contemplations at the Met
... those bridges - 19 in all ...
... more beauty from the Met
And a final walk up my peaceful street on an Autumn afternoon ...
Crazy crowded New York is an extraordinary city - or rather cities - overflowing with people of every shape and size from every corner of the globe; visiting this place is a rare and exciting adventure. 

From the chaos of Manhattan streets to the peace and quiet of Jersey City avenues, this town held me captive for 56 days until it had exhausted me totally. And even after all the hundreds of miles I am sure I have walked exploring every corner I could find, there are still pockets of this metropolis that have eluded me ....

Many thanks to Harry and Harriet, whose apartment in Jersey City was my home-away-from-home for my stay in the US, and to   www.airbnb.com   who bought us together !!!

After a short hop skip and jump, I have now landed on the other side of the Atlantic in Paris, France and will start blogging from there soon - I hope you will continue journeying with me ...