Tuesday, November 12, 2013

54. Museum of Contemporary Art

On my final day in Bordeaux - and indeed in France - I visited the Musée d'Art Contemporain. This exciting museum started its life in the 1970s as The CAPC ( Centre of Contemporary Visual Arts ) when it was one of the first 'young' art centres in France. It is located in a wonderful old warehouse - whose original purpose was that of storing foodstuffs during the regions early colonial days – and over the years since the 1970s the building has undergone major renovations to transform it into an great exhibition centre.

My visit to the museum was not at a good time as they were setting up for a new exhibition in the main hall - so I was confined to the permanent exhibition upstairs.

And unfortunately none of the works on show were labelled - nor was I able get a catalogue - so I cannot tell you anything about the artworks featured here !!!


The warehouse was built in 1824 to store exotic products (sugar, coffee, cocoa, cotton, spices) imported from the French colonies which were then re-exported to northern Europe by Bordeaux merchants.  




So although I couldn't glean much information about the art on show, I did enjoy my wander through this interesting exhibition - and through such a wonderful venue. 
And so the next day I packed my bags, gathered up my strength - I don't like travelling - love getting to the destination - but I find getting there a stressful bore !!! - anyway a bus ride out to Bordeaux Airport and a forty five minute jet ride finds me in another country, another city and a whole new adventure opening up ... stay tuned ...