Thursday, October 13, 2016

169. Prague National Gallery

The National Gallery is a state-owned gallery in Prague, which manages the largest collection of art in the Czech Republic. The collections of the Gallery are not housed in a single building, but are presented in a number of historical structures throughout the city.

In this blog post I'll take you on a visit of three of those Palaces.

Kinsky Palace in the Old Town Square ...
exhibiting a beautiful show - The Art of Asia 
and an international show of works by 
Douanier Rousseau from the Musee d'Orsay in Paris 
... unfortunately - for you - photography was not allowed in both halls ...

... then it was onto the Schwarzenberg Palace ...
to swoon over art from the Rudolfine Era to the Baroque in Bohemia ...

 Hercules and Cerberus - 1750 - by Ferdinand Brokof

 Archangel Michael - 1701 - by Ottavio Mosto

 Angel - 1630 - by Arnost Jan Heidelberger

 St Isidore - 1680 - by Jan Jiri Bendl

 St Joseph with the Child - 1713
by Frantisek Antonin Kuen

 St John of Nepomuk - 1740 - unknown artist

St Jude Thaddaeus - 1712 
by Matyas bernard Braun
St Anne - 1750 - Richard Jiri Prachner
 St Donatus - 1735 - Ignac Rohrbach

 gallery ...
 gallery ...

gallery ...

 gallery ...

Archangel Raphael with the Young Tobith - 1660
by Karel Skreta
  gallery ...

Much of the art in this gallery was behind glass - impossible to photograph without reflection ...

 St Mary Magdalene with the Angel - 1600
by Joseph Heintz snr

next the Salmovsky Palace
19th Century art from Neoclassicism to Romanticism

 Fisherman's family from Chioggio - 1838
by Friedrich Gauermann

 wonderful wave detail ...

 Maternal Bliss - 1856 - by Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller

 gallery ...

 Chapel in Gmunden - 1842 - Josef Manes

 Northern Sea in Moonlight - 1823 - Caspar David Friedrich

  Seamstress - 1859 - Josef Manes

 Kriemhilde's Complaint - 1879 - by Emile Jan Lauffer

detail ... 

Christopher Columbus Discovering America - 1881
 by Emile Jan Lauffer

 detail ...

detail ... 

 Baptism of Count Borivoj - 1858 
by Karel Javurk

 detail ...
 gallery ...

St Ludmilla
artist unknown
 Vlasta - 1842 - by Emaual Max

Maid with the Letter - 1831
by Peter Fendi 
 The story of the National Gallery dates back to the end of the 18th century, when a group of prominent representatives of Bohemia patriotic aristocracy and enlightened middle-class intellectuals decided to elevate what they called "debased artistic taste" of the local population. This institution established the Academy of Fine Arts and the Picture gallery, and in 1918 the Picture Gallery became a central collection of newly formed Czeckoslovakia. 
and the third gallery ...

Sternberg Palace
European art from Antiquity to Baroque

 gallery ...

 Frederick III - 1532 - by Lucas Cranach the elder

 gallery ...

 Adam and Eve 
artist unknown

 gallery ...

 Study of a Man in Profile - 1611
by Peter Paul Rubens

 gallery ...
Flowers in a Glass Vase - 1590
by Daniel Seghers
 gallery ...

St Joseph with Infant Jesus - 1729
by Giambattista Piazetta

Maid Serving Soldiers at an Inn -  1634
by Jakob Ochtervelt

 A Scholar in his Study - 1634
by Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn

 Portrait of a Fifteen-year-old Young Lady
1626 - by Nicolaes Eliasz. Pickenoy

 Pseudopolyptych of Twelve Saints - 1478
by Lovro Dobricevic

 Polyptch of the Adoration and Saints
1415 - by Antonio Vivarini da Murano

... also a lot of religious art in this gallery - of which I have spared you ... !!! ...
gallery ...

Down the stairs and out into the sunshine
after quite a marathon ...

And the fourth National Gallery I visited is the stunningly wonderful Veletrzni Palace - six floors of 19th, 20th and 21st century art ... !!! ... and that's coming up next ...