Monday, February 6, 2017

213. Limited Art in Sarajevo

Not a lot of art for me to visit here in Sarajevo - unfortunately the Academy of Art ( which I really wanted to see ) is closed for the students holidays - I did visit the Ars Aevi ( Gallery of Modern Art ) but that was rather disappointing and not worth even photgraphing ... still got a couple more smaller galleries to poke my toes into, so hopefully they will have something to excite me ... 

I did get to the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina to view two exhibitions of interest to  me ... but I don't think the Gallery was expecting any visitors today - plus some budgetary restraints - and they would not turn the upstairs gallery lights on for me - so I had to rely on daylight filtering in through the overhead skylights ... !!! ...  


Permanent Exhibition : Intimacies of Space

"... every work of art - unless commissioned - originates from the intimate needs of the artist. Regardless of whether it is about a landscape, a still life, a scene from life, or any other motif, the artist was moved and inspired by something.
However, within the artist’s collection of works, there are always works that are more intimate than others, created in moments of silence and solitude, in which the artist’s immediate surroundings, something the view rests upon every day, become worth recording. Among the many of such art works are those that represent the artist’s work and living space, garden or terrace, a window through which he gazes. 

In some cases the spaces and images have passed through the filter of memory and memories, in other cases they are reduced to associative or faithfully documented. For this exhibition the stylistic period and the technique are not crucial, the personal moment is ... "

 Self Portrait 1897 - Vlaho Bukovac

 Seated Male Nude 1907 - Pero Popovic

Nude in the Studio 1952 - Nedjeijko Gvozdenovic

 Studio Sketch 1928 - Luka Seremet

 ... gallery ...

 Igman 1 1961 - Milorad Corovic

 Ocher Landscape 1964 - Kemal Sirbegovic

 Two Lands 1971 - Affan Ramic

Winter Landscape 1956 - Bosko Risimovic-Risim

Blooming Plateau 1914 - Gabrijel Jurkic

... detail ...

Dry Stone Walls 1965 - Oton Gliha

... gallery ...

The White Plateau 1965 - Bekir Mesiriic 

... detail ...

Landscape from Maglaj 1965 - Salim Obralic

Backyard 1941 - Kosta Hakman

Studio 1975 - Mica Todorovic 

From the Studio 1918 - Atanasije Popovic

Artist's Studio 1934 - Vlado Marjanovic

Room 1977 - Esad Muftic

Nude in the Studio 1952 - Nedjliko Gvozdenovic

... gallery ...
Self-Portrait 1953 - Gabrijel Jurkec

From the Interior 1957 - Ordan Petlevski

Interior 1956 - Mica Todorovic

Landscape 1931 - Petar Sain

Landscape with the Rainbow 1955 - Affan Ramic

View from the Studio 1944 - Bozo Nokolic

Space 1965 - Mensur Dervisevic

Beside the Furnace 1930 - Vojo Dimitrijevic

Interior with the Mannequin 1969 - Ibrahim Ljubovic

Terrace 1940 - Mica Todorovic

Entrance to the Garden 1968 - Vilko Gocan

Then it is downstairs to another exhibition gallery ( and the lights were turned on here ... )  ... this very moving photographic exhibition is on the subject of Children as the Victims of War ... photos of children from the Sarajevo siege of the 1990s and photos of children refugees from the current conflict in Syria ...
photographer from both conflicts is Bosnian - Amel Emric

... gallery ...

Little girl poses behind ruins of her family home 
where she returned in 1998
three years after the end of Bosnia's war of 1992-1995

A migrant girl waits to get water from a public water pipe
in a refugee camp in northern Greece
11 April 1916

A distressed Bosnian woman sits with her baby girl
in an improvised open-air refugee camp near Tuzla
15 July 1995

Bosnian women and children queue for bread in Tuzla
during the Bosnian war of 1992-1995

... gallery ...