Sunday, August 25, 2013

7. Interior rooms at the Met

Scattered throughout the Metropolitan Museum of Art are many galleries set-up as authentic rooms - parlours, dining rooms, bedrooms etc - from different eras throughout history. Many are in fact the actual rooms rescued from famous houses that have been demolished over the past decades.

Verplanck - New York -  1767

 Richmond - Virginia - 1810

Baltimore - Maryland - American Neoclassicism - 1810 

Hartford - Connecticut - 1868 

Rococo Revival Parlour - New York - 1855  

 Greek Revival parlour - New York - 1842

The Frank Lloyd Wright room - Wayzata - Minnesota - 1912  

The Renaissance Revival parlour - Connecticut - 1868 

Benkard - California - 1880  

Objects from the dining room of Lansdowne House - London - UK
... In the 1930s, the local London council decided to construct a road link from Berkeley Square to Curzon Street.. This necessitated the removal of all the front rooms of Lansdowne House, and the Dining Room went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
I hope you'll join me tomorrow when I show you some of the wonderful paintings from the Met ...