Monday, December 16, 2013

70. Sao Roque Museu of Sacred Art

The Museu de São Roque opening in 1095 was one of the first art museums to be created in Portugal and is installed in the building of the former Professed House of the Jesuits next door to the Church of San Roque. And I mentioned in my previous blog about the church, the land and buildings now occupied by the church and the museum were donated to the Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa* in 1768, after the expulsion of the Jesuits.

Note.* The SCML which is housed in the building next to the museum has as its mission “… improving the quality of life of people in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion. Its target groups are children and youth, adults, families, ethnic communities, the elderly, individuals at risk of exclusion, drug addicts, people with disabilities and people living with HIV / AIDS ...”

Throughout the twentieth century the museum has undergone several renovations with the most extensive refurbishment carried out between 2006 and 2008, allowing the museum to expand and double its permanent exhibition area.


Reliquary Casket - pierced silver and wood - India - 1690

reliquaries containing bones of saints
I find the statues in the Portuguese churches - and here in the museum - beautiful pieces of sculpture. They are carved out of timber that is then painted in bright colours ( polychrome ) ... very much complimenting the brilliant gilding and jewel encrusted panelling in the shrines and altar pieces. Remembering that all these artworks originally came from churches and were made in the 17th century.  

Saint John the Evangelist - 1600
Saint Catharine - 1650
Dressing of the Chasuble to Saint Ildefonso - oil on canvas - 1650
Saint Anthony of Lisbon - 1650
Saint Francis Xavier - 1600
Saint Ignatius of Loyola - 1600
Reliquary of a thorn from Christ's Crown - 1600
artists' models with movable parts
Saint Anne - 1700
Saint Anne and the Virgin - 1650
Madonna del Popolo - 1600
Madonna del Popolo - oils on wood - 1600
Madonna del Popolo - oil on canvas - 1600
Adoration of the Magi - oil on wood - 1570
Reliquary Casket of Saint Francis Xavier - silver and gilded wood - 1690
Priests' Vestments - satin embroidered with gold thread - 1740
Annunciation - oil on wood - 1555
Wedding of Saint Alexis - oils on wood - 1540
Pelican - carved and gilt wood - 1700
Our Lady of Mercy - oils on wood - 1500
Saint Anne - oils on canvas - 1750
Saint Mary Magdalene - oils on canvas - 1750
Saint Roch in the Forest - oils on wood - 1540
Saint Teresa of Avila - oils on canvas - 1750
Saint Augustine of Hippo - 1750
The Sacrifice of Agamemnon to the Goddess Diana - tapestry - 1650
Young Jesus Walking - 1700
Archangel Saint Michael - 1700
Saint Joseph with Infant Jesus - 1750
Saint John the Baptist - 1700 
Descent from the Cross - oils on wood - 1600
Four panels from an altar piece depicting the life and legend of Saint Roch

Another beautiful museum crammed full of delightful artworks curated perfectly !!! ...
Next blog we'll visit some more 19th and 20th century artworks ...