Friday, December 16, 2016

198. The Tourist Does Art #4

Visiting Athens for four weeks and wandering around the many archeological sites and various museums has certainly stirred-up my creative thoughts – and during this time I have been working on a couple of “at-home-art-projects” … one of which is titled “Greek Creation” …

The title is taken from a 1950s magazine of the same name; the pages from which I used in the composition of this miniature piece – measuring 150 x 150 x 150 mm.

I was inspired by the ancient Greek architecture in Athens revealing stories and tales from a time long ago. If only the marble could talk and tell us of the hopes and aspirations and the trials and hardships of those artisans who gave so much to the glory of Greece.


Not wanting to carry my two major artworks 
( Greek Creation and Hidden Stories ( from my stay in Budapest )) 
around with me from city to city, I approached the Gallery Director of a small & brand new gallery attached to a major book store in Athens 
to see if she would be interested in exhibiting them.  
To my joy, she was.

 So now I can boast that I am being exhibited in Athens, Greece … !!! …
Books Plus
 for a great range of literature + the best coffee in Athens + Art Gallery
 is found at Panepistimiou Street, downtown Athens
( opposite the National Library of Greece