Friday, January 16, 2015

158. Paper into Paper

Visited the Redcliffe City Art Gallery ( just north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia ... ) ... for an exhibition one of my favourite art medium - paper ...

Paper into Paper is a contemporary view of papermaking and paper art - celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Papermakers of Queensland. 

The exhibition - closing in a few short hours I'm afraid - showcases the experience and the diversity of member artists - working with paper as an art medium.

Cross Over - Helga Hill - handmade botanical paper, dyed and stitched

Plant, Paper, Plant - Mareene Hutchins - handmade lomandra paper etc 

Season End - Diane Tait - paper and wire

... detail ...

Memories of the Burning Bush - Zela Bissette - handmade plant fibre paper etc

Procrastination a' la Mobius - Tricia Smout - handmade blady grass paper

Sand Dune Dancing - Sandra Pearce - altered book

Up to the Sky - Mareene Hutchins - art paper etc 

Winter's Morning - Ngaire Macleod - handmade recycled lokta paper etc

 ... detail ...

Spore Print - Margaret Mason - plant fibre paper

Hanging Book - Margaret Mason - handmade lokta & mulberry papers etc

Memory Trails - Tricia Smout - handmade hemp paper etc 

... detail ...

Hanging Words, Trapped words ( on plinth ) and Words on Paper
Joolie Gibbs - lomandra grass and banana fibres

Bio Mimicry - Diane Tait - craft paper

... detail ...

Rusted Visions - Jill Brose - art paper etc 

Through the Fence - Jill Brose - art paper etc

Above the Skin of the Paddock and On the Skin of the Paddock
Liz Powell - botanical papers 

... detail ...

... detail ...

Tea for Two - Jan Pearce - vintage paper thread

Shrines to Nature - Mary Elizabeth Barron - natural fibres

  Shipwreck Treasure - Anne Grant - handmade crinum and lemongrass peper

Papermakers of Queensland ( affectionately known as 'POQ' ) represents and furthers the interests of hand papermaking and papermakers in Queensland and Northern NSW. 

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in working with paper in any form. The membership base includes established and emerging artists as well as artisans working in the papermaking and book binding trades. 

The interests of members are varied and include papermaking using recycled paper and plant fibres, paper sculpture, artist books, paper clay, surface design, pulp painting, marbling, calligraphy and printmaking. Meetings are held quarterly at various locations in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. The emphasis is on the sharing of skills and information, experimentation and on bringing together people who have a passion for paper. 

Nymphai - Johanna Faber - cast art paper

Mostly Thallophyttes - Anne Grant - handmade crinum paper and seeds

... detail ...

Three - Jan Pearce - art paper

Containers of Nature - Mary Elizabeth Barron - various plant fibre bowls 

... detail ...

... detail ...

... detail ...

... detail ...

... detail ...

The Zen of Life - Tricia Smout - tea bags and unryshi paper

Not Fish, Not Fowl - Glenda Hennig - art paper

Still Life - Mary Elizabeth Barron - junk mail paper

Jumbox Baa Baas - Joanne Taylor - paper pulp etc 

Rapunsal's Release - Ngaire Macleod - dredged paper on wire

A Tangled Web of Lies - Lynne Fellows - dredged paper on wire frame

... detail ...

Skin Deep - Christine Ballinger - banana fibre paper

Musee - Sandra Pearce - recycled paper

... detail ...

A Gift for the King of Bhutan - Lyn Rushby - recycled paper & cardboard

Ma's Little Red Books - Mareene Hutchins - art paper

... detail ...

Blurring the Lines - Judy Barrass - paper and new media 

Morphology of the Tree of the Tree of Knowledge Series 1
Maxine Cole - handmade recycled paper

A Sunburnt Country - Lynne Fellowes - recycled paper

... detail ...

This exhibition will be repeated at the Gympie Regional Gallery ( Queensland ) 
24/03 to 24/04 2015.

Contact POQ for further information ...