Saturday, July 24, 2021

Paper @ Gympie Regional

Just made it in the door at Gympie Regional Gallery this week - forty five minutes before this tiny but quite delightful exhibition was to come down ... phew ...

This exhibition was coordinated by Dr Tim Mosely, convenor for the print programme at Griffith University's Queensland College of Art.

Karen Stone

I remember ... hiding in the dark behind my grandmother's floral lounge watching the flowers grow ...

recycled cotton and linen rag - 180 x 360 cm each




Grace Cuell - Recycle After Use

paper handmade from recycled linen and cotton garments

Sidonie Hall-Jordan - screenprints on handmade banana tree paper





Pamela See

hand papercut handmade cotton rag on Fabriano paper


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Flame Path @ Noosa Regional Gallery

Recently had a long over due visit to the Noosa Regional Gallery to view the Flame Path exhibition. This interesting show - now in its final days - is a curated selection of national and international ceramic artists who have had significant engagement with the Sunshine Coast wood firing community.

Co-curated by Gallery Director Michael Brennan and Ambassador for Australian wood-fired ceramics, local artist Rowley Drysdale; this new exhibition sets out to survey the importance and impact of woodfired ceramic practices in the Cooroy Region on the wood firing community in Australia and overseas.

The Flame Path exhibition features works from - Alix Brodeur, Angus McDiarmid, Barry Tate, Gyan Wall, Heidi Kreitchet, Isaac Patmore, Jackie Gasson, Jennifer Halli, Kim Jong Pil, Kim Se Wan, Merrie Tomkins, Moraig McKenna, Neil Hoffmann, Owen Rye, Rowley Drysdale, Sandy Lockwood, Shirobey Kobayashi, Stephen Roberts and Wesley Denic.

Kim Jon Pil ( Korea ) 

Necked Form - wood fired stoneware

Kim Jon Pil

Slip inlay teabowl 1 - wood fired stoneware

Moriag McKenna ( Australia )

Pouring Pot 1 - wood fired salt glazed porcelain


Moriag McKenna ( Australia )

Pouring Pot 2 - wood fired salt glazed porcelain

Gyan Wall ( Australia )

Vase - wood fired stoneware with natural ash glaze deposits

Merrie Tompkins ( Australia )

Chawans - wood fired recycled clay, hand built, unglazed

Kim Se Wan ( Korea )

Tea Pot Set - wood fired stoneware

Kim Se Wan ( Korea )

Lidded Jar - wood fired stoneware

Sandy Lockwood ( Australia )

Unearthed Series - wood fired salt glazed porcelain

Owen Rye ( Australia )

Wasted Jar - wood fired stoneware - multiple firings

Barry Tate ( Australia )
Exciting Times 3 #1- wood fired stoneware

Barry Tate ( Australia )

 Exciting Times 3 #2- wood fired stoneware


Kim Jon Pil ( Korea )

Slip Inlay Bowl and Tea Cup - wood fired stoneware

Heidi Kreitchet ( USA )
Harakeke Flax - wood fired stoneware 

Jackie Gasson ( Australia )
Vase and Tea Bowl - wood fired salt glazed ceramic

Jackie Gasson ( Australia )
Blossom Jar - wood fired soda glazed ceramic

Angus McDiarmid ( Australia )

Eumarella Rd - wood fired terracotta made on a kickwheel

Wesley Denic ( Australia )

Tub with Rams Head Feet - stoneware ceramics

Alix Brodeur ( USA )

Tray Form - wood fired stoneware


Isaac Patmore ( Australia )

' I'm lichen the bronze ' - ceramic and glaze

Isaac Patmore ( Australia )

Island Life - ceramic and glaze

Rowley Dysdale ( Australia )
Iron Green Orb - wood fired porcelain

Neil Hoffman ( Australia )

Common Matter #1 - wood fired dolerite rock and found clay

Stephen Roberts ( Australia )
Ute and Clouds - wood fired stoneware ceramic

Shirobey Kobayashi ( Japan )

Orb - wood fired stoneware


 Jennifer Halli ( New Zealand )

Antipodeans - wood fired stoneware

Jennifer Halli ( New Zealand )
Spherical Form - wood fired stoneware