Sunday, September 20, 2020

Swell Sculpture Festival 2020

In spite of the Covid-19 interruption to our lifestyles this year, the Swell Sculpture Exhibition has gone ahead and ran 11-20 September at Currumbin Beach ( SE Qld ), marking the 18th celebration of narratives spoken through art. Congratulations to the Swell team headed by Lincoln Williams, the City of Gold Coast Council and a fab team of volunteers who have worked throughout the year and over the past 10 days to bring this exhibition to fruition.

72 artists have come together to cover the beach and the adjoining verge with a spellbinding display of sculptures exploring politics, environment, crisis, nature and fun.

This was my first Swell visit and the day couldn't have been more perfect to join the 'socially distancing' and 'sanitized' crowd of art lovers and the curious, on the beach under the obscenely blue spring Queensland sky.

 The Good Ship Awareness - and her over-sized bra is a reminder
to all women to be vigilant and do regular checks ...
 - Lorrie Ledwell and her team

Vortex - Pam Walpole & Yanni Ziji - Qld

 Adam and Eve -Gabriel Rosati - NSW

 Tem / the Fragile 2020 -  John Anthony Forno - Qld

Umbrella Effect - Courtney McCue and team - Qld

Monument to the Road Builders - Karl de Waal - Qld


Turning In - Aaron Chapman - Qld

Ragnar v Moby - Robert Guenther - NSW


Fluid Air - John Nesirky - Qld 

Sorrow - Jacqueline Damon - NSW


 Anomaly - Philip Darnton - UK

 You / Me / Sky / Sea - Jasmine Mansbridge - Vic

... locals oblivious to the crowd - 
looking south to Coolangatta and 'locked-out' NSW ...

Sentinels - Mari Hirata - Qld


Foreigner - Christopher Trotter - Qld


Swamp Hens - Brian Bertram - NSW

... wind surfer with Gold Coast City background ...

Lobsterarri - Giuseppe Filardo - Qld
Contortion - Clayton Blake - Qld

Ohhh Snap - Dion Parker - Qld

Julara - The Mullet - Simon McVerry - Qld

"... if you don't want your picture took - don't sit in front of the artwork ... !!! "

Unity - Luke Zwolsmann - Qld

Critically Endangered - Claudia Salvo - Qld


Images 2 - Phillip Piperides - Qld

Moribund bit Lit AF - Daniel Clemmett - NSW

Caged Birds - Monte Lupo - Qld

Caged Birds - Monte Lupo - Qld
Caged Birds - Monte Lupo - Qld
Dilli Gent - Andrew Cullen - Qld

Femme Fatale - Village Bike inc. - Qld



The Labyrinth - Sheree Audet - NSW


Local Heroes - Ian Haggerty - Qld




Natural Predator - Alyssa Ikefuji - Qld


Men of the North - Ivan Lovatt - Qld


Stacked Chairs - Alexander Piperides - Qld

Five Fathoms Deep - Christian Newton - NSW

A Walk in the Forest - Miles Allen - Qld