Tuesday, September 24, 2013

29. The Manhattan Skyline

The Manhattan Skyline is a wondrous thing. Walking along the crowded streets you can't help not to be constantly looking upwards and being amazed by the mix of old and new architecture.

the Flatiron Building
Some buildings famous - others not so ... some so extraordinary in their design and ornateness, that they seem to be anchored solidly to the ground - while others clean and sharp shoot skyward.


the Empire State Building 

The Chrysler Building 

Chrysler again 

The Gershwin Hotel 

The One World Trade Centre Tower

Flatiron again

Manhattan from Brooklyn 



When walking along the frantic Manhattan streets the temptation is to stop in your tracks and gawk skywards, but you learn very early that practice can be very dangerous - especially when crossing the busy road - no - the best practice is to avoid the temptation and edge your way up against a building - check both ways - then if the coast is clean, look up ...

This city is a "gawkers' delight" ...

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