Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Great Wall of Nambour

 At last the refurbishing of the Great Wall of Nambour is complete - the old artworks have been removed - the wall repaired and painted and the new artworks are now in place ... it all looks so good and is another step in the direction of Reimagining Nambour ...


The Great Wall - Howard Street Nambour

My apologies for the poor quality of the photos, but the plates are very glossy and reflect light and traffic movements - best for you to get down there and view the art for yourselves ...

Cheeky Peek - Mieke van den Berg
Stagione - Lauren Jones 

The Observed Landscape - Thom Stuart


Namba Watering Holes at Night - BridgetteChilli 

Traditional Owner Kabi Kabi


 I painted this on a little blue ball - Alison Mooney

Summer Recess - Kim Herringe

My Beautiful Life - Peta O'Hara

Great Ocean Road - Odessa Mahony-due Vries

Inverse Icarus - Ej Zyla

Home Biosphere - Courtney Scheu and Itamar Freed

Cool Down, Staop Acting Crazy - Jack MacRae

Sunshiney Flowery Birds - Tia Carrigan aka This Bird

Now all that needs to be done is for the illumination to be put in place 

and the big launch party is happening Friday 11 June - at the Old Ambo Gallery

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